FAST SYSTEM srl. is a society born in Toscana at the beginning of 2006, founded by three partners, who joined their experiences to set up and commercialize innovative systems for the green world. The Society joined different Know-how, a depth competence in the field of planting of trees, an experience in the structural mechanical planning, electronic design and industrial production. The union of these different knowledge and the desire to propose them to sectors that are very traditional technically, inspired the production of innovative solutions and hi-tech offers. Underground anchoring system, natural systems to support the growth of the plants, the analysis of trees by the most modern electronic systems, a smart monitoring of woods are only some sectors in which FAST SYSTEM srl. is present with specific products, or it is dynamic with the study of new proposals. Thanks to this cultural opening their Fast System srl. to establish itself on the market and the idea of the anchor, the company has also started to explore new fields of application in addition to the green. Underground anchoring systems are used for the hold of embankments, the palisade of containment, the tensile structures, the structures of photovoltaic centrals, the catenaries for the docking of the boats in the touristic ports.


FAST SYSTEM srl. produces and commercializes consumer goods to be useful either on the mountains in Trentino and on Sicilian volcanos, and offers specialized support to solve problems that emerge from the different local morphology of each Italian region. The main goal of FAST SYSTEM srl. is to be always at costumers side. To meet this business must, a detailed net of agents on all the national and international area was created, and the transfer of information towards the commercial net and the market was optimized, providing itself of clear organizational processes, and using an efficient software to answer quickly to the demands of market. The continuous improving in the management of the market made FAST SYSTEM srl. create two operative focal points: - the legal head office in Empoli, where it is present a valid technical commercial support for the sell net and for the market in the centre-north of Italy; - the manufacturing and logistical head office in Naples , that sets up the product and supplies a commercial support to the sell net and the market in the centre-south of Italy.

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